Company Information

Mr. Abagnale is known as one of the world's most respected authorities on check fraud, secure documents, cybercrime and scams. Over the past 45 years he has developed new procedures, created manuals and educational programs utilized by over 14,000 financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and corporations.

Mr. Abagnale's company does not sell products or provide services with the exception of his speaking engagements which are limited to educational seminar presentations. These engagements are handled exclusively by Keppler Speakers ( in Washington, DC who has represented Mr. Abagnale for over 35 years.

Mr. Abagnale is the author of "Stealing Your Life,"  "The Art of the Steal," "Real U Guide to Identity Theft" and his most recent book, "Scam Me if You Can."

Current Seminar Description:

Frank Abagnale takes you behind the scenes to show you how simple strategies can thwart today’s cyber criminals. With vivid examples, Abagnale reveals how identity thieves work, why passwords are not keeping you safe, and why safeguarding yourself is particularly important today. Audiences praise his entertaining and informative sessions brimming with practical takeaways for attendees wanting to better protect themselves and their organizations from ever-increasing fraud. For additional information on Mr. Abagnale see: