Frank W. Abagnale

In May of this year, we saw a major announcement by the FIDO Alliance standards-body along with the platform vendors Apple, Microsoft, and Google pledging to support passkeys in the coming months.

The reason this is such a monumental point in history, is because we’re now on the precipice of mainstream adoption of passkeys. How so?

For over 10 years I have been talking about the shortfalls of passwords and why this legacy technology from the 1960’s needs to be replaced with new modern passwordless technologies that can mitigate the common attack vectors like phishing and credential-based attacks. With passkeys, digital businesses can finally move their customers off of passwords - to give them not only much more secure access to their accounts, but also with a user experience they’re all very familiar with, using things like Face ID and Touch ID.

So, any digital business should be racing to figure out their passkey strategy right now so they can make them available to their customers as soon as possible to achieve a competitive advantage.

Now, from what I’ve seen, most companies tend to underestimate the level of effort and expertise required to passkey-enable their sites and services – especially when it comes to user journeys and experiences which require well thought-out and researched flows to educate users and make it frictionless for them to create and use their passkeys.

Note: Frank W. Abagnale was the original advisor to Trusona, who pioneered the passwordless space. Today, companies can adopt this technology also known as Passkeys.

See link for Apple demonstration for Passkeys: